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Bringing TRUE Excitement to You in 2023

Meet our team and learn about our newest products, including the durability of the Stryker Slat Treadmill, experience an example of our commitment to excellence, the Alpine Runner Incline Trainer, and learn about our latest technology and entertainment offerings for your facility.

You’ll also be able to learn about Octane products as well. In 2020, Octane became part of the TRUE Fitness family. Octane is the leader in performance-driven products, offering a variety of forward-thinking modalities for the cardio floor, HIIT, and more. Check out the unique swivel seat of the X-Ride recumbent elliptical or the all-in-one training solutions provided by the XT-One.


We’d enjoy meeting with you at an upcoming show. Schedule a time with a TRUE Fitness representative for product training and technology offerings or to learn more about how we can help your facility. Click here.


Featured Products

Let us show you some of our unique offerings enjoyed by facilities worldwide. Send us a message if you would like to schedule an appointment to learn about our latest and greatest.

The Octane RŌ

With a combined fan and magnetic brake resistance, the Octane Rō provides a broader range of intensity levels to facilitate easy warm-ups to all-out HIIT intervals, and everything in between. Beginners to athletes can benefit from this progressive resistance that offers continuous challenge to inspire powerful performance and yield results.

View the Octane RŌ

Stryker Slat Treadmill

Test your limits on the new slat. Can you beat our challenge and run at the slat's full incline of 25%? Feel this new machine in person and learn how it will benefit both your facility and users.

View Stryker Slat Treadmill

Octane ADX

The ADX bike features invigorating workouts like 20/10 Interval, 30/90 Interval, or custom interval routines that motivate users to achieve more and improve their fitness level. Beginner cardio exercisers, or those recovering from an injury, benefit from low-impact, total-body cardio workouts on the ADX bike.

View the Octane ADX

More from Our Brands

Check out the other products we have to offer. We have a full portfolio of cardio, strength, and flexibility product to meet the needs of any size facility.

Want to see the whole product catalog? Take a look at Octane, TRUE or message us for a copy.

Palladium Chest Press
XFW-8300 Dual Sided Rack
TRUE Palisade Climber

TRUE Technology Solutions

See for yourself the engaging, data-driven hardware and software solutions TRUE provides that will elevate the operator and user experiences. 

Asset Management through EcoFit

Receive a demo on EcoFit and learn how to have instant access to complete product information and quickly gauge the health of TRUE equipment with easy-to-read visual dashboards.

Console Flexibility

Experience all of our console options that add the most value to your facility. A variety of sizes and features are available to provide the best experience for your athletes.

View Consoles

Apple Watch Compatibility

Keep your facility up-to-date with new Apple technology. Users can pair their Apple Watch to TRUE cardio product to accurately track and store their workout information. Check out our entire list of technology partners!

View TRUE Partners


Our team is trained to help you plan for your goals and get maximum results throughout the life of your equipment. Meet our team in person and learn how a TRUE partnership will benefit your facility. Ready to talk to a TRUE team member? Send us a message, and we’ll get back to you asap.

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Facility Planning

No matter the size or capacity of your space, our experts will work with you to create the optimal layout with the right combination of machines.

Preventative Maintenance Icon

Complete, Preventative Maintenance

Based on decades of experience, our service team offers a variety of techniques to help you prolong the life of your equipment. That means fewer service calls and less downtime.

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Training and Education

Rely on our dedicated education team to provide you with a range of equipment-specific programs that fit the unique needs of your athletes.

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Flexible Support

Every facility is different, and our experience with fitness centers both big and small gives us insights to help you reach your maximum potential.