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Types of Fitness Equipment Needed for a Fire Department

Types of Fitness Equipment Needed for a Fire Department

January 31, 2024


Firefighting is one of the most physically demanding jobs. It involves lifting, carrying, pulling, and dragging heavy items and people, often in high-stress, hazardous environments. Firefighters can stay fit with the right regime and equipment in fire department gyms. Discover the types of fitness equipment every fire department needs.

Strength Training Equipment

Strength training can improve a firefighter’s ability to carry heavy equipment, gear, and rescue victims. Free weights (dumbbells and barbells), kettlebells, and resistance bands are excellent for building strength. Additionally, weight machines that target specific muscle groups can be beneficial for improving stamina

Functional Training Equipment

Firefighters need to train in ways that mimic the physical demands of their job to prepare the body for real-world scenarios. Functional training includes workouts mimicking what firefighters do on the job, such as carrying victims and climbing stairs or ladders. Some functional training equipment to add to your fire station gym include agility ladders, sandbags, and weighted vests.

Functional trainers are adaptable, allowing people to customize their workouts and simulate tasks they do in the field. TRUE’s XFT-100 Functional Trainer offers full-body workout options and targeted muscle strengthening.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardio exercises can help firefighters adapt to oxygen intake, blood circulation, and heart rate. Treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, and stair climbers provide firefighters with plenty of cardio workout options that build endurance and improve stamina to withstand strenuous work.

TRUE’s Palisade Climber is a cardio must-have for fire departments with one of the deepest steps in the industry. Firefighters can quickly increase their endurance and stamina when training with this machine. The Palisade comes with either the Envision II 9″ or Envision II 16″ console that provides the Firefighter Fitness Test to prepare for the CPAT test, in which firefighters need to be able to walk upstairs at a rate of 60 steps per minute for three minutes total.

Flexibility and Recovery Equipment

Recovery helps the muscles heal, while flexibility enhances the range of motion of joints. These two things reduce the risk of injuries and improve a person’s ability to perform physically demanding tasks such as lifting, climbing, or crawling. Recovery techniques, like icing sore muscles, help firefighters minimize muscle fatigue, recover from rigorous physical exertion, and return to work stronger.

Workout mats, foam rollers, and massage tools can improve flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and speed up recovery. Emphasizing flexibility and recovery is vital for the well-being of your crew.

Fire departments need different types of fitness equipment to create a training space for their team of heroes. With TRUE Fitness as your fitness equipment manufacturer, you can equip your training space with robust machines. Contact a TRUE representative today!