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Top Things People Look for When Choosing a Gym

Top Things People Look for When Choosing a Gym

October 17, 2023

Choosing the right gym is a significant decision in an individual’s fitness journey. A person’s gym choice influences their success in achieving their goals and the resources they have to excel and satisfy their needs. Make sure potential clients choose your fitness center as their perfect match by learning the top five things people look for when choosing a gym.

1. Location Accessibility

Location is one of the biggest factors influencing people’s gym decisions and motivation. Most people want to avoid a tedious commute to the gym, preferring a fitness center close to their home or workplace that is easy to reach. Having the gym nearby reduces commute time and allows individuals to conveniently squeeze workouts into busy schedules, especially if the gym is on the way to other essential destinations.

Here are some key features of an accessible gym location:

  • Plentiful parking
  • Upkept roads
  • Shared location placement with other essential businesses (e.g., grocery stores)
  • Minimal traffic hindrances, such as nearby construction

2. Clean and Inviting Environments

People want to invest their money and time in a space and business that has their best interests in mind. Clean gyms are inviting environments—they look and feel comfortable and satisfying. Hygiene standards should extend to locker rooms, shower areas, and the general upkeep of the gym.

Furthermore, the safer the walk or drive to, from, and around your gym is, the more inviting it will be. Gyms with well-lit sidewalks and roads, substantial security, and established health and safety protocols appear as safe and appealing workout spaces.

3. Additional Fitness Programs

A gym that offers more than just exercise equipment provides many benefits and resources that can support and enhance individuals’ fitness journeys. A lot of people prefer to exercise in a structured workout session, making gyms that offer a range of classes–like yoga, Zumba, Pilates, and spinning—highly appealing. Other attractive fitness amenities people look for in a gym include personal trainers, pool access, and sports courts.

4. Flexible Membership Plans

While some people may be okay with splurging on a fancy gym with high-end amenities, most people look for affordability. A good gym should offer a balance between cost and quality and cater to an array of financial situations. Flexible membership plans—varying in payment options, membership commitments, and benefits—allow clients to adapt their membership to best suit their circumstances and needs.

5. Diverse and Updated Equipment Selection

A well-equipped gym provides various fitness equipment items and ensures members won’t have to wait to use a particular machine. The more diverse and populated the equipment selection, the better. Equipment quality also matters. Well-maintained machines indicate a gym that values its members and their workouts.

Finally, modern equipment offers tailored experiences. For example, TRUE’s commercial stair climber machine, the Palisade Climber, features one of the deepest steps in the industry. The extended step length allows for better step mechanics and eliminates the risk of pinching your toes between the steps—a common problem in traditional step mills. With TRUE’s Envision and Emerge consoles, the Palisade Climber offers superior high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts without the harsh impact of running. Offering advanced modern equipment will distinguish your gym and attract clients looking for popular fitness machines.

These top five things people look for when choosing a gym affect many different aspects of clients’ gym experience. Every little detail matters and affects people’s fitness journeys in myriad ways. With TRUE Fitness and these common gym considerations, you can make your gym a top choice.