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Layout Solutions for Small Fitness Facilities

Layout Solutions for Small Fitness Facilities

November 8, 2023

Are you working with a compact fitness facility? No matter the size of the space you have on hand, you can still make your gym a beneficial workout spot with the right equipment and layout. Explore these three layout solutions for small fitness facilities and make the most of your space.

Create an Open Floor Plan

In a small room, every corner, gap, and surface counts. Walls serve a purpose to divide and form barriers, changing and dictating your space’s layout. On average, most walls take up anywhere between four to 10 inches of spatial width. Knocking down any diving walls in your facility opens up your floor plan and gives you those few inches. An open floor plan maximizes your space by mitigating barriers, allowing you to use every inch of your gym.

Use Vertical Storage

You might lack floor space, but do you have vertical space? You can maximize your fitness facility’s space by going upward rather than outward.

Vertical storage solutions allow you to use all of the available space between your floor and ceiling. Vertical racks and shelves for your weights, foam rollers, and mats free up floor space and put blank walls to use. Also, choose machines that are compact in width and extend upward. TRUE’s Palisade commercial stair-climber is the perfect answer—saving floor space and allowing you to fit more equipment in your gym. On top of being space efficient, the Palisade also boasts one of the industry’s deepest and most robust steps. Proven to be 10 times stronger than the strongest competitor’s step, we manufactured this step to reduce stress on the step rods and bearings for increased durability.

Organize With Rows

Organizing your workout equipment and stations into tight rows streamlines and maximizes your facility’s space. A cluttered and random layout leaves you with tiny gaps and odd wasted space.

Invest in Multifunctional Machinery

Exercise machines are typically large and bulky, with heavy-duty materials to withstand the high wear and tear from exercise movements. Investing in multi-station and multifunctional gym equipment reduces your facility’s need for multiple machines. Multifaceted exercise machines offer versatile workout options compacted in one piece of equipment.

For example, TRUE’s SD1002 Lat/Row Machine is a multipurpose piece of fitness equipment with many workout options and a small footprint. The Lat/Row Machine offers a multitude of exercise options, including lat pull-down, row, wide-arm pull-down, and other strength training exercises. Users can sit down or stand over the bench to complete their workouts.

With versatile gym equipment, you can save space while still maximizing your services and offering training options. At TRUE, we pride ourselves on our equipment’s efficient designs. They are compact and sleek, offering highly resistant, durable structures and maximized functionality. Our equipment is perfect for small fitness facilities.

Make the most of your available workout space with these layout solutions for small fitness facilities and gym equipment from TRUE. Check out our selection of machines and build a beneficial exercise space, no matter the amount of room you have to work with.