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How To Design a Gym for Your Apartment Complex

How To Design a Gym for Your Apartment Complex

January 31, 2024

An apartment with a fitness center is a significant attraction for potential and existing residents, offering them the convenience of a gym within their living space. This amenity not only boosts the overall value of the apartment complex but also promotes a healthier and more active community among the residents. Design the perfect gym for your apartment complex by accounting for a couple of key considerations, and elevate your apartment with an all-encompassing and beneficial fitness center.

Understanding the Residents’ Needs

Understanding your residents’ needs lays the foundation for what equipment and facilities you should include in the gym. To gather this critical information, consider conducting a comprehensive survey among your current residents. In the survey, ask questions about their favorite types of exercise, the equipment they regularly use, and the times of day they are most likely to work out.

If a majority of your residents want to focus on strength training, you should provide multiple weight racks. If your residents like to stick to the basics, equip your gym with the 400 Treadmill, which provides workouts that fit that criteria while also offering advanced comfort features like low-impact running surfaces. Knowing what your residents want allows you to cater your gym design to their needs, subsequently boosting satisfaction and use of the gym.

Maximizing the Space

A well-planned gym space promotes a comfortable workout environment, maximizes the flow of movement, reduces potential safety hazards, and allows for a wider range of fitness activities. Enhance your apartment gym’s space by ensuring enough room between machines for safety and comfort, leaving ample space for stretching and floor exercises, and investing in compact or multifunctional machines.

Ellipticals, runners, and stair climbers are popular fitness equipment, but they can also take up a lot of space to allow users to execute proper stride motions. At TRUE, our Spectrum elliptical offers a multifunctional machine that boasts the benefits of a traditional elliptical workout, runners, and steppers all in one design. Instead of filling the space with multiple pieces of equipment, you can save room with an all-in-one machine.

Adding Experience-Enhancing Features

Adding experience enhancements like a sound system for music, television screens, towel service, or a hydration station can make your gym even more appealing. These features can turn your gym from a simple workout space into a comfortable and attractive amenity for your apartment complex.

Limiting guests and requiring fob or key access can also enhance your residents’ gym experience, ensuring a secure, exclusive, and less crowded environment. This privilege provides a sense of safety and fosters a community among the residents.

There are many reasons to build an apartment workout space; with these implementations, you can enhance all the benefits. Consider these three tips when designing a gym for your complex and add a new attractive, marketable, and beneficial amenity to your apartment community. When you partner with a fitness equipment company like TRUE, you can design the perfect workout space for your residents.