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Avoid Pickleball Injuries With The TRUE Fitness Pickleball Protocol

September 7, 2023

Pickleball has become the fastest-growing sport in the United States and continues to grow. Community centers, specialized facilities, gyms, and neighborhood parks are joining the popularity by incorporating or adding pickleball courts to their facility. One significant benefit of the sport is that it caters to all age groups, making it a sport everyone can enjoy. As with any sport, warm-ups are essential, giving the body ample time to loosen muscles, stretch ligaments, and assist in proper blood flow throughout the entire body. 

According to Well + Good, “More than 36.5 Million people have played pickleball in the last year,” and “unfortunately, another reverberating trend has followed: an influx of pickleball-related injuries.” In 2018, there were as many pickleball injuries among people 60 and older as tennis injuries. That statistic continues to climb. Most injuries currently being reported are sprains, strains, and fractures. The number one solution to that is proper warm-ups. 

How To Avoid Pickleball Injuries?    

Proper warm-ups with proper equipment. Your muscles are equipped to be the catalyst for game-time success, but improper warm-ups can cause serious, preventable injuries. TRUE Fitness has warm-up equipment to prepare you 10 minutes before game time or while waiting for your court to open up. See why some of our commercial fitness equipment pieces from TRUE & Octane Fitness are perfect for your court. 

4 Commercial Fitness Equipment For Proper Warm-Up

1) The Octane Fitness LateralX 

Side-to-side motion is essential in pickleball movements. There are not many ways to warm those muscles up; luckily, we have the perfect machine. The LateralX is the only adjustable stride elliptical on the market, giving the user the ability to target and warm up their hips, quads, and calves. This machine adjusts from a full stepping motion to a wide lateral side-to-side motion maximizing the workout experience. Players can try Octane’s trademarked 30:30 Interval workout for lateral agility strength training will improve stamina on the pickleball court.

2) The TRUE Stretch® Cage

Stretching is always essential pre and post-activity. The TRUE Stretch Cage provides the user with infinite stretching solutions. Packed into a single cage, warming up on the TRUE Stretch allows you to stretch ligaments and open your shoulders & chest for those quick underhand serves or topspin movements.

3) The Octane ADX Air Bike 

A piece that will surely warm you up for game time is the ADX Air Bike. This bike has a 26-performance blade fan that will get your heart racing. Proper warm-ups like stretching are good, but once stretching happens, moving to a dynamic warm-up keeps those stretch muscles loose and assists in good blood flow around the body. For those quick side-to-side court movements or any of the heat elements depending on where the court is located, the ADX bike is beneficial to your court. 

4) The Octane Rō Rower 

One of the more compact pieces, the Octane Rō can fit alongside a court, stand up vertically when not in use, and provide a phenomenal warm-up with the ability to train your forearms and multi-grip placements. With the rower’s multi-grip handle, users can alternate their grips while rowing to warm up for paddle grip changes and hit from underhand, backhand, and front hand. 

See what our four recommended products would look like near your facility’s pickleball court to create an essential warm-up station here

Warm-Up to Be Game-Time Ready

Our selection of products from the functional trainer, rower, air bike, and stretch cage will allow picklers of all ages to enjoy their play with injury-preventative measures. Though not only are warm-ups essential, post-play cooldowns are just as necessary due to the nature of muscles tightening up and causing harm and further injury if not properly tended to post-game. 

Check out our offerings in more detail and contact one of our team members to learn how to add pieces of TRUE Fitness commercial equipment to your court to give your players a top-notch experience. Contact a team member