FS-30 Smith Machine

The FS-30 Smith Machine is the perfect strength and weight training accompaniment for beginners and long-time weightlifters. The machine’s fixed bar only moves vertically, ensuring users maintain proper posture and balance weights evenly—it’s perfect for first-time lifters and trainers without a spotter. The advanced bar catch system and dual adjustable safety stops further enhance weightlifting safety, guaranteeing safe and comfortable weight training workouts.

Despite having a fixed bar, the FS-30 Smith Machine still offers lots of versatility, accommodating squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, and chin bar exercises. The FS-30 Smith exercise machine also provides storage space for weighted plates. This Smith Machine combines commercial construction, exercise versatility, and modern aesthetics in a space and cost-efficient package.

  • 8 position bar catch assembly with dual adjustable safety stops
  • Multiple grip chin bar for exercise variation and 8 storage posts standard
  • 54” x 77” x 84”

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Physical Specifications
Footprint 54" L x 77" W x 84" H (137 cm x 195 cm x 213 cm)
Machine Weight 300 lbs / 136 kg
Warranty Type Commercial
Frame 10 Years
Parts 5 Years
Labor 1 Year
Cosmetic and Coating 3 Months