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9 Leg Machines Every Commercial Gym Needs

9 Leg Machines Every Commercial Gym Needs

May 2, 2024

As the body’s foundation, legs heavily influence one’s fitness growth and daily lifestyle. Strong legs provide more stability, reduce injury risks, and enhance overall physical performance. These benefits make leg workouts an essential component of any workout regime.

No matter the gym you manage, from school to apartment gyms, equipping the right leg training equipment guarantees success for you and your clients. Explore which leg machines every commercial gym needs and enhance leg day workouts.

1. Leg Press

Leg press machines target the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, providing a solid foundation for lower body strength and development. While seated, users press against weights attached to a platform, utilizing a pushing motion that engages the majority of the leg muscles. This movement mimics the natural, functional squatting pattern but offers the added benefit of reducing strain on the back and knees.

The benefits of incorporating leg press machines into a leg workout regimen are multifaceted. They allow clients to safely use heavy weights, promoting muscle growth and increased leg strength. Leg presses also provide the ability to focus on specific leg muscles through slight adjustments in foot position, enhancing muscular balance and symmetry. TRUE’s Palladium SPL-300 is a seated leg press suitable for novices and fitness experts, allowing you to treat your gym members to the benefits of leg presses. The adjustable back pad and a unique-to-TRUE adjustable foot platform accommodate a wide range of users and allow multiple foot and seated positions for added exercise variation.

2. Leg Curlers

Leg curl machines isolate and train the hamstrings—a crucial muscle group in the back thigh, essential for knee flexion, hip extension, and overall posterior chain strength. Working on a leg curl machine involves lying face down (prone) or sitting (seated versions) and curling weights toward the body by flexing the knees. They fortify the hamstrings and support the ligaments around the knees, mitigating injury risks in athletic and everyday activities.

3. Smith Machines

Weighted squats and lunges provide comprehensive lower-body workouts, targeting multiple muscle groups, from quadriceps to glutes. Smith machines provide the perfect space and support these exercises. Smith machines feature fixed barbell trajectories, allowing users to focus on form and execute a range of compound movements without needing a spotter.

4. Leg Extension

Leg extension machines are quintessential in any leg workout. They precisely target and strengthen the quadriceps, pivotal for knee stability, walking, running, and jumping.

These machines function with the user in a seated position, extending their legs upward against a weighted resistance attached to the machine. The leg extension motion isolates the quadriceps for focused strengthening without requiring compound movements. Leg extensions benefit those just starting their strength training, seasoned athletes, and those in leg rehabilitation.

5. Calf-Raise Machines

Calf-raise machines isolate and fortify calves. Their targeted calf workouts enhance lower leg aesthetics, improve sports performance, and increase stability and balance—advantages that benefit anyone.

Calf raisers enable users to lift heavy weights with their calf muscles by raising their heels. Calf-raise machines efficiently target different calf parts by offering both seated and standing variations, making them versatile tools in leg training routines.

6. Hip Abductor/Adductor Machines

Hip abductors/adductor machines effectively target the often-neglected muscles of the inner and outer thighs, hip abductors, and adductors. These machines are staples in any comprehensive leg workout, as they are crucial in stabilizing the pelvis and supporting hip joint health.

Abductor Machines

Abductor machines focus on the outer thigh and hip muscles. Users sit in the machine with their legs apart and use the inner thigh muscles to bring the legs together against resistance. Abductor machines develop lateral stability and strength, essential for dynamic movements, change of direction, and injury prevention in sports and daily life.

Adductor Machines

Conversely, adductor machines target the inner thigh muscles. Users start with their legs together and then push them apart against resistance, engaging the muscles on the outer part of the thighs. They promote balance and symmetry in leg muscle development, improving athletic performance and functional movement.

Hip abductor/adductor machines allow for focused exercises that can enhance athletes’ functionality and provide aesthetic benefits for general fitness enthusiasts.

7. Hack Squat

Hack squat machines offer a variation of the traditional squats. They provide back support, allowing individuals to focus more directly on the quadriceps. This machine is vital for developing leg strength and size while minimizing the strain on the lower back, making it ideal for rehabilitation and advanced training.

When using hack squat machines, individuals position themselves with their backs against the padded support, with their feet shoulder-width apart on the angled platform below. The movement involves bending at the knees. The body lowers as if sitting back into a chair while the machine’s sled—loaded with the chosen weight—glides across its tracks. The hack squat machine’s structure ensures users maintain an upright torso, effectively isolating and engaging the quadriceps.

8. Rotary Calf

Rotary calf machines enhance muscle strength and definition by using a unique rotary motion to simulate natural calf muscle movement. These machines create a more natural and effective range of motion for calf exercises, distinguishing them from traditional calf-raise machines.

Users place the balls of their feet on a platform with their heels hanging off. As they push upward through their toes, the platform rotates slightly, mimicking the natural motion of the ankle. This rotation allows for a deeper stretch at the bottom of the movement and a more concentrated contraction at the peak.

9. Selectorized Equipment

No matter the type of leg workout you want to offer your gym members, from leg curls to calf rotations, opting for a selectorized version enhances workout benefits. Commercial selectorized strength equipment introduces weights and customizability to leg workouts. Users can pick from a range of weights and resistances to cater their leg press or hip abductor exercise to best meet their skill level and needs.

At TRUE Fitness, our selection of selectorized equipment includes an array of leg workout machines. The ergonomic designs of our selectorized options maximize comfort, reduce safety risks, and provide a more enjoyable training session. Our machines come with user-friendly features, like our signature Height Adjustment Guide, allowing your clients to confidently jump straight into their workouts without spending time deciphering components. Check out our selection and contact a TRUE representative with any inquiries.

Each of these leg machines targets specific leg muscles, ensuring a comprehensive lower-body workout. They benefit all kinds of gym goers, from seniors to active professional athletes, making them great leg machines that every commercial gym needs. Whether your members want to increase leg muscle size, strength, or endurance, incorporating these machines into your gym can enhance their leg day workout routines.

9 Leg Machines Every Commercial Gym Needs